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John Dalton Wakefield was born in Washington, USA on 20 October 1934.

Before 1958, John D Wakefield married Rose Maria Sanchez Ezguerra (9 Mar 1927, Madrid, Spain - ), a Spanish woman he met when stationed at Charmont Air Base, Charmont, Marne, France.

A 1959 postcard to Mr & Mrs Jack Wakefield, Box 488, Stanwood WA is "Dear Jack and RoseMarie".

In 1962, John Wakefield opened a shop, "Siglo 21" at 4548 University Way, Seattle. Some time between 1975 - 1988, John and Rose Maria split up. In 1975, their address was 628 Kirkwood Blvd, Davenport, Iowa.

In 1985, someone sent a postcard to: John Wakefield, 60th Ordinance Group, APO 09052, New York, "Dear Papa". The sender's address was Box 294 - Det 3, 507th TAIRLW, Ft Knox, Kentucky 40121-5000.

In 1987-88, he was corresponding with a Brazilian lady, Suzanne P Anet, in Copacabana, Brazil, and she was asking him when he would get divorced.

A 1987 postcard to Papa Wakefield, PO Box 4452, Davenport, Iowa 52808, is from Rocio, who is studying, wants to be an attorney and just got his driver's license. "Mama and Chris are fine". Another 1987 postcard from Rocio, "Hi Pops", mentions that he is living in Miami Beach, "Say Hi to Christina", and mentions "Mama".

In 1988, Christina Wakefield (different rather childish handwriting to 1985 postcard), 8600 Bryan Av Apt #1, Miami Beach, Florida 33141 sent a postcard to: John Wakefield, 1616 Pine Acre, Davenport Iowa 52808, "Dear Papa".

Another 1988 postcard from his "just friend" Rose Marie mentions "your girls" and "your grandson".

John Wakefield also lived at 628 Kirkwood Blvd, Davenport, Iowa, and had a (grand?) daughter Corine.

John Wakefield and Rose Maria Sanchez Ezguerra had children:


His father was Laverne Eugene Wakefield (26 Sep 1911, Anacortes, Skagit Co, WA - 24 Oct 1986, Stanwood, Snohomish Co, Washington). In the late 1950s and 1960s, he worked for six years as a State Department fisheries advisor for southeast Asia, based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

His mother was Grace A Dalton (15 Sep 1911, Sumas, WA - 22 Nov 1989).

They had seven children:

His grandparents were:


John Dalton Wakefield's American passport was issued on 2 June 1972. You can also view his 1973 passport.



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