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George Lloyd Murphy (4 Jul 1902, New Haven, Connecticut, USA - 3 May 1992, Palm Beach, Florida) was the son of Michael Charles Murphy and Nora B Long.

George Murphy first career was as a dancer and actor, starting in theatre, and then in movies from 1930-52. He had leading roles in several big-budget musicals, and was awarded a honourary Academy Award (Oscar) in 1951.

George Murphy entered politics in 1953 as chairman of the California Republican State Central Committee. Murphy directed the entertainment for the presidential  inaugurations of 1952, 1956 and 1960. He was United States Senator from California 1965-1971. You can read much more about his career at Wikipedia.

On 18 Dec 1926, George Murphy married Juliette "Julie" Henkel (1904, Detroit, Michigan - 1973), his ballroom dancing partner. Her parents were Walter J Henkel (1866/67, Michigan - ), Livery Stables Proprietor (1910), Stock Farmer (1920), Detroit, and Amelia H Henkel (1869/70, Michigan - ). They had two children:
In 1930, George Murphy (26, theatre actor) and Juliet Murphy (25, theatre actress) lived at 33 W 55th St, New York, NY.

From 2-7 Dec 1949, George L Murphy (47) and Juliette H Murphy (45) sailed first class on the Queen Elizabeth from Cherbourg, France to New York, NY. Their address was Plaza Hotel, New York, NY.

In 1982, George Murphy married Betty Blandi.


His father was Michael Charles "Mike" Murphy (26 Feb, 1860, Southboro, MA – 4 June, 1913, Philadelphia, PA). Mike Murphy was a legendary athletic trainer and coach, first for Yale University, then for the University of Pennsylvania, as well as for the US Olympic team at the 1900, 1908 and 1912 Olympics. He was widely considered to be the premier athletic trainer of his era. You can read much more about him at Wikipedia.

His mother was Nora B Long (1871, MA - 1916, Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan)

They married and had children:
His grandparents were:


George Lloyd Murphy's American passport was issued on 27 Feb 1974.

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