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St George Jackson Mivart PhD MD FRS (30 Nov 1827, London, England - 1 Apr 1900, London, England) was the son of James Edward Mivart and Caroline Georgiana ________. St George Mivart was an English biologist, famous for starting as an ardent believer in natural selection who later became one of its fiercest critics. Trying to reconcile Darwin's theory of evolution with the beliefs of the Catholic Church, he ended up being condemned by both parties. You can read much more about him on Wikipedia.

On 3 Jun 1854, St George Mivart married Mary Ann Reynolds (1828/29, Berkshire - Jan qtr 1917, Kensington, London), daughter of Thomas Reynolds, Farmer, at Holy Trinity, Gray Inn Road, Middlesex.

In 1861, Saint Geo Jackson Mivart (Barrister in Law Not in Practice), Mary Ann Mivart, Frederick H Geo Ed Mivart, Caroline Geo Mivart and two servants were living at 7 North Bank, Regent's Park, St John, St Marylebone, London

In 1871, St George Mivart (late Barrister at Law), Mary Ann Mivart and Frederick Mivart and two servants were living at 7 North Bank, St John, St Marylebone, London. He died in 1900 and is interred in the Catacombs at Kensal Green Cemetery.

They had a son:


His father was James Edward Mivart (1781, St James Piccadilly, London - 1856). He was the owner of Mivart's Hotel, founded in 1812, now Claridge's.

His mother was Caroline Georgiana OR Georgina ______ (1790/91, Islington, Middlesex - 1870)

They married and had children:
His grandparents were:


St George Mivart's British passport was issued on 10 Feb 1857. On the same day, his passport was stamped at the London consulates of Austria, Bavaria, Belgium and France. There is a stamp in Munich dated 22 Sep 1857, so it appears he travelled to Bavaria via France and Belgium. It is not known if he visited Austria. There is also a much later stamp, from the Spanish Consulate in London, dated 4 Oct 1879. The passport itself has no period of validity or expiry date specified.

St George Mivart's passport cover

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