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Simon Lewin (2 Oct 1905, Tilsit, German Empire [now Sovetsk, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia] - Jul 1956, Baltimore, Maryland). He may have been the son of Behr Lewin and Rachel, who owned 3-4 Market St, Memel (Klaipeda), and ran a business there with their sons Samuel Lewin and Simon Lewin.

In 1937, Simon Lewin married Violetta Levi (3 Sep 1907, Stuttgart, Germany - May 1985, Randallstown, Baltimore, Maryland), daughter of Siegfried Levi (6 Feb 1880, Stuttgart, Germany - 13 Oct 1954, Johannesburg, South Africa) and Elsie Lay (20 Apr 1889, Neuwied, Germany - 3 Jan 1923, Stuttgart, Germany).

From 31 Dec 1938 - 11 Jan 1939, Simon Lewin (33), Violetta Lewin (31), Marion Lewin (10) and Ralf Weil (12) sailed on the SS Volendam from Rotterdam, Netherlands to New York, NY. He was a Manufacturer. They were all German, Hebrew, and living in Berlin. According to Ralph Weil's obituary, "he and other family members evaded arrest by moving from neighborhood to neighborhood."

On 30 Nov 1945, both Simon Lewin and Violet Lewin of 2900 Boarman Ave, Baltimore MD, became naturalized US citizens.

They had three daughters:
From her previous marriage, about 1925, to Paul Weil (1905-1983, son of Emil Weil and Edith Drey), a manufacturer, Violetta had two children:


Simon Lewin had two brothers and three sisters, all deceased.


Simon Lewin's German passport was issued on 7 Dec 1938.

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