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Frederick L Eberhardt (27 Feb 1868, Newark, Essex Co, New Jersey, USA - 1946) was the son of Ulrich Eberhardt and Emeline T _____. Fred Eberhardt was President and General Manager of Gould & Eberhardt Inc, Newark, NJ, a family business founded by Ezra Gould in 1833.

Fred Eberhardt graduated from one of the very first classes at Newark Technical School, which became New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). He became President of his father’s company, Gould & Eberhardt, a Newark-based manufacturer of gear cutters and shapers, and other high quality machine tools, and led the firm’s growth into a major supplier to the auto industry, as well as to the military during World War II. He maintained close ties with his alma mater, joining the Board of Trustees in 1910 and serving until his death in 1946. He helped to shape the development of Newark Technical School and spearheaded its evolution into a full-fledged, degreegranting engineering school, the  Newark College of Engineering, by 1919. Eberhardt Hall at NJIT was named in his honour in 1947.

Fred Eberhardt married Martha Lou Boals (Aug 1874, Illinois - ). She was the daughter of Manuel H Boals (3 Apr 1833, Sandy Creek, Venango Co, PA - After 1891) and Juliette Johnson Vaughn (1845, Illinois - ).

In 1910, Fred Eberhardt was a Machinist, living at 17 Hillside Ave, Newark, with his wife, two children and a nurse. Frederick L Eberhardt was a President and General Manager, Machine Factory, living at 17 Hillside Ave, Newark, with his wife, three children, brother-in-law, Lahne R Boals (32, single, Teacher, Vocal Music) and a servant.

In 1918, living at 17 Hillside Ave, Newark. In 1930, they were living at 629 Prospect St, Maplewood, NJ. You can read more about Fred Eberhardt at Wikipedia.

They married in 1894/95 and had children:


His father was Ulrich Eberhardt (4 Dec 1841, Mettlen, Turgau, Switzerland - 31 Mar 1901, Newark, NJ). He emigrated in 1854. He later entered into partnership with Ezra Gould (1809-1901), who retired in 1890, and Ulrich Eberhardt acquired complete control of the company, and was President until his death in 1901. In 1891, Gould & Eberhardt was at 97-113 NJ RR Ave, Newark. In 1900, he was a Machinist, living in Newark NJ with his wife, 3 children and a servant.

His mother was Emeline T ______ (Oct 1842, Michigan - Aft 1920). In 1920, Emily T Eberhardt was living with her son-in-law, Clare M Henry and his family.

They married in 1866/67 and had 7 children (5 alive in 1900):
His grandparents were:


Fred L Eberhardt's American passport was issued on 19 Apr 1926.

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