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Mary Ross Calvert (20 June 1884, Nashville, Tennessee - 25 June 1974, Nashville, Tennessee), worked as assistant to her uncle Edward Emerson Barnard, E E Barnard (1857-1923), the noted astronomer, who was married to Rhoda Calvert (her father Ebenezer Clavert's sister) in 1881. You can read more about Mary Calvert at Wikipedia.


Her father was Ebenezer Calvert (cr. 4 June 1850, Pudsey, Yorkshire, England - 25 October 1924, Nashville, Tennessee). In 1900, Ebenezer Calvert was a widowed photographer, aged 50, arrived in the USA in 1883/84. Living next door is his brother, Peter Ross Calvert (1855, Pudsey, Yorkshire, England - 1931, Nashville, Tennessee), 46, born in England, arrived 11 years ago, a widow, and also a photographer.

Her mother was Alice R Philips (born Massachusetts - died 1884-1890, Nashville, TN). They married 30 Aug 1883, Davdison Co, TN and had four children:
Ebenezer and Peter Ross Calvert were successful photographers and painters in Nashville. Both were born near Leeds, Yorkshire, England, and studied art there before arriving in Nashville in the 1870s.

The Calvert brothers worked for several Nashville galleries before setting up their own studio in the old Cole Building, now the site of First American National Bank. They taught art and did oil and watercolor paintings, pastels, crayon drawings, and miniatures on ivory. Peter Ross Calvert was an accomplished miniature painter at a time when the specialty was enjoying a revival. In 1896 they went into partnership with Sam Taylor as Calvert Brothers and Taylor. The partnership was dissolved four years later, and the firm became Calvert Brothers. Both brothers continued to paint, but photography was their livelihood, with class photographs serving as their specialty. After Ebenezer and Peter Ross Calvert died, the business was carried on by Bertha and Zillah Calevrt until their retirement in 1964, when their colleague Bob White purchased the studio. Calvert Photographs continues today in Burns, Tennessee, owned by Bob White's son and daughter-in-law, Bill and Scotty White.

Mary Ross Calvert's grandparents were:


This passport was issued on 17 January 1938, when she was 53. Her occupation is listed as "Astronomical Assistant". The purpose of her visit appears to have been tourism. Only pages that have been used are shown below.



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